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Welcome to 1st Call Safety, your trusted partner for comprehensive safety solutions. Our mission is to elevate safety standards through expert-led training, regulatory compliance, detailed site inspections, and more. Based in Odessa, TX, we are dedicated to creating safer workplaces and empowering teams to put safety first. Let's start your journey towards a safer workplace today.

Expert-Led Training

Elevate your team’s knowledge and skills with comprehensive training sessions, guided by industry experts who specialize in safety protocols and regulations.

Tailored Safety Solutions

Experience customized safety programs that align with your business’s unique requirements, ensuring efficient and targeted safety improvements.

Comprehensive Site Inspections

Proactively maintain a safe work environment with our rigorous site inspections that identify potential hazards and provide actionable recommendations.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Navigate the complexities of safety regulations with confidence. Our in-depth compliance support ensures adherence to OSHA, DOT, and other key standards.

Transforming Safety Concerns into Confidence

Navigate the complexities of industry-specific safety challenges with ease. At 1st Call Safety, we tailor our services to meet your needs, so you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Expert Solutions for Comprehensive Safety

From rigorous site inspections to in-depth safety training, we cover all facets of workplace safety. Leveraging our expertise in regulations like OSHA, MSHA, DOT, and more, we ensure your business is not just compliant, but truly safe.

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Comprehensive programs that equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


All-inclusive services that ensure your organization complies with industry standards and regulations with our expert OSHA compliance services.


Thorough inspections that identify potential hazards, ensuring a safe workplace and compliance with safety regulations.


Expert services that guide your business through the complexities of DOT regulations, ensuring compliance and safety in transportation.


Specialized training that empowers workers to safely use and handle tools and equipment, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety.


Professional inspections to ensure your fire extinguishers are in optimal condition, promoting safety and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Enhanced Safety Practices

Partnering with 1st Call Safety delivers tangible benefits that foster a more secure and productive workplace.

Reduced Workplace Incidents

By adopting effective safety practices, minimize the likelihood of accidents and injuries, ensuring a safer, more secure work environment for all.

Cost Savings

Lower the costs associated with workplace incidents and non-compliance penalties by proactively investing in thorough safety measures and training

Improved Employee Morale

When employees feel safe at work, their morale and productivity thrive. Foster a positive culture with our comprehensive safety solutions.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Position your business as a responsible and safety-conscious leader in your industry, gaining the trust of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

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Connect with 1st Call Safety

We're here to answer any questions you have about our safety services and how we can help improve safety at your workplace. Whether you need more information on our services, wish to schedule a site inspection, or want to discuss safety training, feel free to get in touch. We appreciate your interest in 1st Call Safety and look forward to helping you create a safer work environment. Reach out to us for a complimentary quote today.